Hope for Change or Change Your Hopes? – Michael Collins on Election Integrity, for 911Blogger.com

Michael Collins, journalist and election integrity activist, has written an article for 911Blogger.com on the security and prospects of the United States electoral process. He details five elements of electoral fraud: 1) No discussion of serious issues 2) Unnaccountable secret electronic vote counting 3) Voter disenfranchisement demographics reveal racist bias 4) Exit polling done by corporate media conglomerates, who keep the raw data secret 5) Psyop; voter fraud is an almost non-existent phenomenon with huge hype, while the legitimate concerns over possible electoral fraud are ignored and suppressed.

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(With the Presidential election on the horizon, I asked Michael Collins, who is a serious student of the Fraudulent elections of the past few years, to pen a short piece for visitors of 911blogger, summarizing the dangers of Election Fraud… not “Voter Fraud”… Election Fraud. -rep.)

Hope for Change or Change Your Hopes?

Elections and Voting in a Dissociated State

by Michael Collins, 10.31.2008

“Some say” that no matter who gets elected we’re still going to be in Iraq, the bailout will continue, and there will be no drawdown of the bloated budgets, particularly the military, that feed the defense contractors their daily ration. We’re not getting national health, rather an electronic exchange and so forth down “the middle of the road” of national leadership.

Here’s some news from the election fraud segment of our precipitous decline thanks to greed and avarice, not to mention stupidity, on the part of the ruling elite. Everyone of the problems mentioned could be solved without much cost in a few months. Everybody in power knows that and only a few officials act to serve citizens. They’re rarely rewarded and frequently punished and marginalized for their service.

The Elements of Election Fraud

1) To begin with, it’s a fraudulent election when the format of the campaign and the filters at the corporate media dictate that

There shall be no serious issues discussed and  

if they are, it won’t be seriously.



We’ve got Rev. Wright, Palin’s pregnant daughter, too old, too young, and “The Clinton” (the name for the two combined). I’m sure that these must have some import somewhere, but they just occupy space while the real issues go unmentioned, almost: looming eco catastrophes and what to do about them; how did those 1,000,000 people die in Iraq (soldiers + Iraqi civilians); looting of the treasury by failed financial institutions; inadequate health care. The issues that dare not speak their name don’t much and we’re stuck with pabulum for enquiring minds.

That’s the real fraud.

2) With regard to the sanctity of your vote, forget about it. In principle, electronic voting “disappears” your vote and does with it as it chooses. Machines can give you a paper receipt, in the case of touch screens, or you can use a paper form and run it through an optical scan reader and you get the same result – a vote recorded in electronic memory that only the Republican manufacturers can legally access (for “competitive reasons’). These right wing vendors also run tabulation and technical assistance. We have completely outsourced elections. What can they mean, ultimately?

To compound things, the security problems with the machines continue. It’s almost piling on to mention the latest but here are a few articles.

Election 2008: Who Decides? People Or Programmers?
Dangerous to Democracy – CA Secretary of State Bowen FINAL PROOF Touch Screens

3) Ultimately election fraud is a race crime. Since the end of the Reconstruction era, various groups in the Deep South crafted voting laws that rapidly disenfranchised black citizens. “The Redeemers” and the “Ku Klux Klan” pioneered the “literacy test,” the removal of the ability to vote due to a felony conviction, obtuse registration practices, and charges for voting (“poll taxes”). These flourished in the south and have spread across the land. Today 2.5 million ex felons, the ones who have paid their debt, are permanently barred from voting. There are a variety of methods of intimidating poor people. “Caging” identifies voters who have moved and sets up challenges to their voting status. These are targeted voters in poor neighborhoods who can be chased off easier than your average Volvo owner. Registration list “cleansing” also removes poor and minority voters by creating criteria that result in removal.

The Sentencing Project Interactive Map on Felon Disenfranchisement

Polite Fascism Contracts the Right to Vote – Another Supreme Outrage May 13, 2008

4) In 2004, the exit polls conformed to the final vote count to show a 51-48 Bush victory. The pundits failed to not that the Bush “victory” occurred in the big cities, 500,000 or greater population. The red rural base that was the basis of this “red versus blue” election dropped like a rock from 23% of the vote in 2000 to 16% in 2004. Bush actually gained 4.0 million new votes in the big cities to compensate for this rural segment loss. We all know how beloved Bush is in U.S. big cities, especially after four years of neglect and derision. The exit polls would have us believe that Bush was the first president to lose his base big, rural voters, while making it up and winning it in hostile territory, the big cities. But ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, NBC, and the Associated Press, proprietors of the exit poll operation know best (even if they fail to report on it).

Election 2004: The Urban Legend Michael Collins July 13, 2007

Notes from the Underground Michael Collins Aug. 22, 2007

5) PsyOps. There are two major wholesale psyops operating in this election.

The first is the “voter fraud” fantasy. Voter fraud refers to individual voters or groups voting without being registered or voting multiple times. The Republicans would have us believe it’s an epidemic crime. Illegal aliens risk their status here through the conspicuous act of voting illegally, they argue. The poor, so easily intimidated by the accusers when they wrongfully challenge them at the polls, are supposedly coming out in droves. Non existent voters are being registered. These are all contrived pathetic lie. Here is what the Gonzales Department of justice did when they tried to catch every case of voter fraud for a three year period – 38 prosecutions – 24 convictions.

The phenomenon barely exists, yet the federal government spends tens of millions of dollars trying to stop these 8 voters a year, on average, from committing fraud. It’s a testimony to the absurdity of our government that they would even do this. The states mimic the federal government and use the fiction of voter fraud to enact highly restrictive registration and voter identification programs.

Here’s the truth about voter fraud in 3 or so pages. It’s from the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University. Mail it to your local media and anyone else you can think of. It will really bother them if they read it. They won’t stop the psyops but their chip may malfunction ;) The Truth About Voter Fraud (outstanding resource).

More information about spreading the word on voter fraud – all in one web page.

Spread the link around and help people change the reality on this lie of lies:


Other than that, it’s all good.


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