God Bless Barack Obama

By Erik Larson

Does this qualify for a visit from the Secret Service? I just sent the following to change.gov, although i suppose if the corporate criminal class that controls the media and the Republocrats and has been running the 9/11 coverup for 7 years can do anything right they’ll have better control of Obama’s security than Bush’s on 9/11. 


Hello human being reading this- i hope you care about the future of your country, human beings, the United States, our Republic, the People and the public interest- you’re probably aware that “al qaeda” has warned of a terror spectacular. 

On 9/11, the Secret Service left Bush in his publicized location at the elementary school in Sarasota for almost a half an hour after they admitted they knew the nation was under attack; when Andy Card whispered in Bush’s ear at 9:06 am. http://www.historycommons.org/context.jsp?item=a906cardtellsbush#a906cardtellsbush 

I hope the Secret Service has gotten a LOT better at their job since 9/11, and i hope Barack Obama has surrounded himself with smart patriots, people who can be trusted to protect his life and the security of our Republic and nation. 

God bless Barack Obama.

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