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Deactivating Bill Deagle’s “Neutron Fuse” by Reprehensor –

In the Draft Bill recently circulated to a few members of Congress, ideas and hypotheses with no physical evidence (or very weak physical evidence that can be easily explained) are presented alongside the hypothesis for controlled demolition involving a thermite derivative and/or other not-so exotic explosives at the World Trade Center with equal sincerity. One hypothesis is that “micro-nuclear” devices were used to bring down the World Trade Center Towers, and the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City. The Draft Bill references internet radio personality Bill Deagle as a major proponent of the micro-nuke hypothesis.

High resolution release of new World Trade Center collapse videos – Xenomorph911’s blog at

An anonymous source has released high resolution DVD mpg2 footage of the North Tower & Building 7 collapse clips, reported here on November 1st, 2008: Also the source has allowed the release of video of the South Tower, and made all 3 available in high quality downloadable DVD file mpg’s. These files are cut from source recording DVD VOB files so there is no quality loss, however the sound has been removed, and the video is edited. The source wishes to remain anonymous at this point. View all 3 clips here

Media Matters Catalogues Gibson-Bush Interview Spin, Omits PNAC!

Bush gave an interview to ABC’s Charlie Gibson, in which Bush referred to the “intelligence failure” about WMD as his “biggest regret”., supposedly a right-wing spin watchdog, ignores PNAC and pre-Bush Administration Iraq War plans, but notes the corporate media’s failure to point out that there are many instances in the public record that make it clear that the Bush Administration was planning to go to war with Iraq after 9/11.

‘We Might Be Wrong’ by Jon Gold

During my recent debate with 9/11 Debunker Pat Curley, in his closing statement, after listing a plethora of different theories from a whole spectrum of individuals, including many I do not endorse, he asked, “would anybody in the 9/11 Truth Movement say, “well, OK, we were wrong?” if, in fact, a new investigation found that we were. He then answered his own question by saying, “and the answer is “of course not,” so stop pretending that all you want is another investigation – you want another investigation that comes to the conclusions that you believe.”

WeAreChangeLA schools Philip Shenon on Michael Scheuer, Mossad and the meaning of evidence when it comes to ‘incompetence’ [with transcript] talks to Philip Shenon, author of “The Commission” about 9/11 after he spoke on a panel at the LA Times Book Fair April 27, 2008.

CIA Foreknowledge of the Mumbai Attacks by Reprehensor –

“In mid-September this year, the CIA station chief in Delhi sought an urgent meeting with his counterpart in R&AW to pass on some critical inputs.” Reprehensor of analyzes recent news reporting on the Mumbai attacks. Lots of additional links and info in the comment the comment threads

Change.NOT: Left Gatekeeper Blocks Support for 9/11 Commission Records Release

According to their “About” page, aims to be “the central platform informing and empowering movements for social change around the most important issues of our time”, but they are censoring support for investigating the causes of 9/11, “the day the changed everything” and the reason we live in a “post 9/11 world.” On their “Ideas” page, they invite you, the public, to sign up on their site and “submit your ideas for how to change America, discuss with others, and vote for your favorites.” What they don’t tell you on their About or Ideas pages, is that if your idea suggests further investigation of the 9/11 events in order to properly inform public policy making, it will be deleted.