Change.NOT: Left Gatekeeper Blocks Support for 9/11 Commission Records Release

By Erik Larson

According to their “About” page, aims to be “the central platform informing and empowering movements for social change around the most important issues of our time”, but they are censoring support for investigating the causes of 9/11, “the day the changed everything” and the reason we live in a “post 9/11 world.” On their “Ideas” page, they invite you, the public, to sign up on their site and “submit your ideas for how to change America, discuss with others, and vote for your favorites.” What they don’t tell you on their About or Ideas pages, is that if your idea suggests further investigation of the 9/11 events in order to properly inform public policy making, it will be deleted. 

While the following sensible idea from 9/11 family member Donna Marsh O’Connor has not been deleted: 

Appoint a scientist to head NIST immediately (vote it up, if you haven’t been banned)

Her own post of an idea for a 9/11 investigation was deleted, and according to emails sent by to users, 

“Hello Xxx,

We wanted to send you a note about an idea you recently voted on in the Ideas for Change in America competition titled “Conduct a new, independent investigation into the attacks of September 11, 2001”. 

We support calls for truth and transparency in our government on every subject and welcome you to directly petition the new administration about this matter, which you can do at However, this is unfortunately outside the scope of the Ideas for Change in America project, which aims to offer specific policy solutions rather than investigations into past government action. As such, it is not eligible to enter the second round of the competition. 

We understand that good people may disagree with our vision. But this is a private effort not connected to the Obama campaign or transition team, and we reserve the right to keep the competition and its content aligned with the stated mission and overall spirit of the project. 

Thank you for your understanding. As mentioned above, we welcome you to directly petition the Obama administration about your proposal at And we hope you continue your work to advance change.” 


        The Ideas for Change in America Team” says, “We support calls for truth and transparency in our government on every subject.” 

Then why would they censor the following “forward-looking” idea, that the US Federal Government comply with its own law? Why have they banned me and many others from using their site? It is a private effort, so they are not required to give a voice to people and ideas they don’t like; but considering their stated message, it’s utter hypocrisy: 

Contact the Obama Transition Team: – Declassify and Release 9/11 Commission Records in 2009 

Mr. President-Elect Obama,  The 9/11 Commission records “general restriction from public access”, according to federal law, lasts until 2009. Please order all involved Federal Agencies, including but not limited to the Pentagon, FAA, FBI and CIA, to finish the work of declassifying 9/11 Commission records for public release, immediately.  Researcher and writer Professor Peter Dale Scott, summarizes the current situation:   

“The FBI has been declassifying documents cooperatively with respect to this commitment, and recently the CIA has begun to cooperate as well. [79] But some federal agencies, notably the FAA and Pentagon, are not collaborating with the 9/11 Commission’s commitment at all…Both the FAA and the Pentagon declined to release important records to the 9/11 Commission, despite its statutory powers, until required to do so by judicial subpoena.”   

9/11, Deep State Violence and the Hope of Internet Politics  

“In accordance with the Federal Records Act, the Commission has established a general restriction from public access on these records until 2009.” 

 —— is hardly the first Astroturf/left gatekeeper org foisted on the People, and it probably won’t be the last, but in the Network Age, it is becoming increasingly easy to spot and expose them. While they don’t say so in their PR-approved email, it is likely that the decision to censor inquiry into 9/11 is prompted by’s funders; many so-called “social entrepreneurs” and “changemakers” are actually more interested in making money than in establishing social justice, although some may actually be driven to defend the unjust and corrupt Establishment status quo out of some twisted ideology.


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