WeAreChangeLA schools Philip Shenon on Michael Scheuer, Mossad and the meaning of evidence when it comes to ‘incompetence’ [with transcript]

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On April 27, 2008, Philip Shenon, former investigative journalist at the New York Times and author of “The Commission: The Uncensored History of the 9-11 Commission” spoke on a panel at the LA Times Book Fair titled “Checks and Balances.” Jeremy Rothe-Kushel of WeAreChangeLA asked him a question regarding how best to resolve the treasonous condition of the ongoing 9-11 cover-up. that video which has been posted here on 911blogger before is located here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TuTpV5gSMsI&feature=related

After the panel, instead of signing books, he came to speak with a group of us 9-11 truth folks. Here is some of what happened:

The conversation was wide-ranging regarding the numerous facts that show the official conspiracy theory of 9-11-01 (i.e. OBL + KSM +19 + laptops) to be more full of holes than thermate-eaten steel. This video contains sections of the conversation regarding evidence the apparently interrupted Israeli false-flag terror attempt on the Mexican Parliament on 10-10-01, Michael Scheuer’s take on this and 9-11, and the lack of evidence for the “incompetence theory.”

A note on terminology: At points in this video, the group of Israelis who were seen celebrating the WTC attacks, are referenced as “the Dancing Israelis.” This is a loaded and inappropriate description. Heretofore, they should probably be described as the “the Celebrating Mossad agents.” Reprehensor has made this point many times before and it is a good one. Meanwhile, it takes a bit for habitual phrases to wear away.

Shenon, himself, blogged briefly about his experience with us at his website: http://www.philipshenon.com/blog/index.asp Email Philip Shenon and tell him respectfully to face reality, that is if he is not a straight up Mockingbird, and become the first mainstream journalist to tell the deeper story about 9-11 and help resuscitate this country’s soul. Tell him he could make Woodward and Bernstein look like McDonald’s employees of the month. http://www.philipshenon.com/content/contact.asp

Remember to reach out to all folks in media, especially your local media, who WILL report on the 9-11 truth movement if you give them a good reason to. And, if you are interested in attempting to contact potentially confused CIA-man and Bin Laden expert Michael Scheuer about really saving his country, here is a possibility:mfs47@georgetown.edu

Peace, Love and Liberty! —————————- Shenon video: D.M. Slaughter Scheuer video: Garko editing: Jeremy Rothe-Kushel music: Shumonik  


Partial Transcript by Erik Larson: I tried to make this as accurate as i could- i didn’t transcribe most of the questions, focused on Shenon’s remarks, some things were not clear/cross-talk, i left out some of his tangential half-starts, where he’s thinking about what to say- he seems to be trying to be very careful)

Shenon- “the evidence suggests that NORAD just bungled… NORAD and the FAA…carried out… did a lousy job that morning”

Questioner(s)- war games and no demotions/firings/courtmartials)

S- “why i do find that, i do find that…major event… that not one human being was ever demoted, and not one human being was ever fired, and some of the key folks got better jobs out of all that.” (he smiles?)

(Q- computer logs, radar)

S “You’ll see in the book- the commissioners and the staff clearly believed (reaches back to touch his neck, leaves hand there) the FAA and NORAD were trying to hide information from them about what went wrong- what went wrong- they were trying to hide information because actually what the record showed is they really messed up.”

(Q- the info can be obtained by congressional or court order that would prove incompetence/intentional botch under war games control; without that you can’t prove it was incompetence- switches to question about DEA/Israeli art students)

S- “go to the internet, under dea, israeli and art student and you’ll find a lot written, but they’re a group of… traveling Israeli art students who were selling their (pause) “art”, apparently,”


S- “Art- and the DEA had a lot of suspicions about what they were up to..”

 (Q- did the 9/11 Commission look at any of that information?)

S- “i think they did, i’m not sure they went into in any detail- and other people have knocked down the DEA reports, but it was an official investigation by DEA and… (trailing off)

(Q- interrupted w/ question about explosive residue- note; the art student spy ring/DEA investigation and Urban Moving Systems/suspected explosive residue/detained high fivers were different incidents)

S- “i’m gonna..i’m gonna be a bad reporter and say” [?]

(Q- “was the DEA-“)

S- “I would find that hard to believe”

Q – “Did the DEA arrest them?”

Shenon- “The argument i’ve heard, and I’m not…buying any of it (waves hand in front of his face, dismissively, then places hand on face), is not that the Israelis were any part of this, but that they were monitoring- they were keeping an eye on Al Qaeda- what they believed to be Al Qaeda people in the United States, and they may not have been fully sharing that information- (removes hand, opens eyes wide) not that they were part of the plot! but they were part of, um (swallows, questioner starts)

Q- “Do you believe the Mossad warnings?”

S- “Well, the FBI said that prior to 9/11 they believe there were active al qaeda cells in the united states (puts fingers on chin) and the israelis would presumably know that as well, and the Israelis might have good reason, to want to follow, if they could figure out who these people were.”(Q interjects)

Q- warnings, commission stovepipe [?]

S- “the problem is…. I don’t think i’ve heard any reasonable argument that Mossad was involved- i’ve heard the argument that Mossad was trying to track some of these people (winces, puts hand on head, rubs it)

Q- “i’m actually not submitting that argument, i’m simply saying..”(Shenon interjects)

S- “I know that, but I’m worried that… where.. (Q interjects) Q- “i know you are, and i understand your concern..”

End of Vid “To be Continued”

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