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In the Draft Bill recently circulated to a few members of Congress, ideas and hypotheses with no physical evidence (or very weak physical evidence that can be easily explained) are presented alongside the hypothesis for controlled demolition involving a thermite derivative and/or other not-so exotic explosives at the World Trade Center with equal sincerity. One hypothesis is that “micro-nuclear” devices were used to bring down the World Trade Center Towers, and the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City. The Draft Bill references internet radio personality Bill Deagle as a major proponent of the micro-nuke hypothesis.

The Bill references Deagle’s presentation last year at the Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference. During his presentation, Deagle attempted to persuade the audience that the WTC and OKC were nuke demolition jobs. In the following slide, it appears that his mind is already made up about both instances;

Following Deagle’s presentation, several people were concerned that Deagle was presenting as fact, a theory which had not even made it past the hypothesis stage. Some of the coordinators of the conference asked nuclear physicist Steven Jones, who also attended the conference, to question Deagle about his proofs. The following video documents the discussion, consisting of video recorded by Soul Tree Digital Entertainment, and myself.*

It’s true that there is a lot of skepticism regarding the destruction that took place at the Murrah building. This report by Brigadier General Benton K. Partin argues that demolition charges were used at the Murrah building to destroy support columns, which caused the demolition damage at the builiding; “Bomb Damage Analysis of Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building”. This report which is based on blast effects studies conducted at Eglin Air Force Base, suggests that the Anfo bomb that was detonated in front of the Murrah building would not have been able to produce the effects seen in Oklahoma; “CASE STUDY RELATING BLAST EFFECTS TESTS TO THE EVENTS OF APRIL 19, 1995 ALFRED P. MURRAH FEDERAL BUILDING OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA”. There are many unresolved issues surrounding OKC.

However, neither Partin nor the Eglin blast study rely on the use of any size or type of nuclear device to explain the observed destruction. Partin presents his observations that cutter charges were used on interior columns of the Murrah building to cause the observed damage. There were also reports in the media on the day of the OKC bombing that unexploded bombs were removed from the building.

So, how did “micro-nukes” get into the mix? Apparently, a confidential “special op” source told this information to Deagle. Funny thing about “special op” types; they often provide information that is simply untrue, or is tainted in some way, or is designed to deflect a query into sensitive matters onto a road to nowhere.** When researchers spin their wheels, or spend hours and hours chasing phantoms, the carefully planted mis– or dis– information has been deployed successfully.

In the Vancouver video, it doesn’t take long before Deagle tells us, “…I was told, at least by the mid-90s, they had up to 22 cities pre-wired with nukes…” and that tests were underway involving US Postal workers and city policemen in Philadelphia to administer vaccinations of some sort by gunpoint, and then he drops in an oblique reference to the Real ID act for good measure.***

I suppose all of this is possible, but these a priori postulations don’t seem to have much foundation beyond the “insider” knowledge transmitted to Deagle by his “special op” sources.

In the case of the destruction of the WTC, dust and metal samples exist which can be tested. In Part 3 of the Vancouver video, Deagle and Jones discuss specific tests which can be done to prove that some type of nuclear reaction occurred at the WTC, these are tests above and beyond the ones referenced by Jones in his letter, “Hard Evidence Repudiates the Hypothesis that Mini-Nukes Were Used on the WTC Towers”, posted at the Journal of 9/11 Studies.

Apparently, these tests were conducted last summer. They are referenced in this article, “911 Ground Zero Tritium Levels 55x Over Normal”. The tests were to be very specific, looking for “All Isotopes of the following elements”;

Niobium 93 – 8 ppm in sample (+/- 50%) – Nb 93 for extremely rare Nb 94 ratio.

Beryllium 9 – 3 ppm in sample (+/- 50%) – Be 9 for extremely rare Be 10 ratio.

Cobalt 59 – 6 ppm in sample (+/- 50%) – Co 59 for extremely rare Co 60 ratio.

I suspect that the tests did not confirm the use of mini-nukes on 9/11, and this is why we haven’t heard a peep about the test results for over a year. This absence of proof weighs stronglyagainst the mini-nuke hypothesis.

Perhaps a closer examination of Bill Deagle’s sources is in order. Mr. Deagle not only communes with Delta Force and Special Op types, but he also claims to have had one-on-one face time with the angel Gabriel. This vignette is one of many unsettling scenarios detailed by journalist Stephen Kimber in the Halifax weekly, The Coast (September 2007). Kimber’s article,“The prophet in Clayton Park”, is a very enlightening read, and should be required reading for anyone eager to tie their activism to Deagle’s hypotheses;

“The story … begins on Saturday, April 24, 1999, when an angelic visitor first appeared while Deagle was praying. “I prayed in tongues privately and, as always, heard the immediate translation in English of the audible voice of God,” Deagle wrote of the experience. “God said, “If you are obedient and seek wisdom in prayer tonight, I will reveal to you a great revelation. Go to your vitamin cabinet and take two specific nutrient capsules and pray until you are sound asleep, and I will send forth the angel Gabriel from the Throne Room to show you what you must tell My People!!'” …

…It wasn’t Gabriel’s only nocturnal visit to Bill’s bedside. On another occasion, Deagle says Gabriel took him inside a secret facility within the North American Air Defence Command base in the Cheyenne Mountains of Colorado. “I told him that I had been in the NORAD facility before and wondered why he was taking me there,” the world-wise Deagle explained later. But Gabriel told him this was a new, even more super-secret complex and showed him a “white, bubble-shaped button” labeled “Neutron Fuse.”

“What do you think will happen when this system is activated and the president of the United States gives the order to push the white button?” Gabriel asked.

“I don’t know,” Bill reasonably answered.

Pushing the button, Gabriel explained, will trigger the shutdown of all communications on earth—except for a select few devices controlled by them. That will be the beginning, Gabriel declared, of “the Great Falling Away.”

(A close observer of the slide posted above will note that Deagle could not refrain from advertising his “Nutrimedical” product… I’m assuming this is an evolution of the “nutrient capsules”.)

But what about that Tritium referenced in the above article? Elevated levels of Tritium in the aftermath of the WTC attacks have been common knowledge since 2002, when the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory released their report, “Elevated tritium levels at the World Trade Center”.

Proponents of mini-nukes on 9/11 have been promoting the existence of tritiated water (HTO) as proof of nuclear weapon usage, however, in the Lawrence Berkeley report itself, the scientists who wrote the report offer a solution for the presence of the HTO;

“It was determined by the Federal Aviation Administration, that Boeing 767 Serial Number 21873, operated by the United Airlines, Tail Number 767-222 N612UA, was delivered in February, 1983 with 43{.2} Ci of tritium in emergency EXIT signs and handles (Sabatini, 2002). The 43{.2} Ci of tritium is contained in 4 emergency EXIT signs (10 Ci each) and 4 emergency slide/raft handles (0.8 Ci each). The same activity of tritium was present upon April, 1987 delivery of a second Boeing 767 Serial number 22322, Tail Number 767-223ER N334AA, operated by the American Airlines. Since neither of these aircraft were modified after the[ir] delivery (Sabatini, 2002; Cashdollar, 2002), the total activity from the aircraft was 34{.3} Ci at the time of attack, accounting for [the]radioactive decay of tritium [was accounted for].

Weaponry was another likely source of tritium. As described in Section 1, several federal and state law enforcement agencies were housed at WTC, in buildings 6 and 7. ATF had two vaults filled with tactical weapons and guns (Miller, 2001; WPVI, 2001; Gardiner and Hurtado, 2001; note: the ATF vaults were in WTC 6, where our sequences 6,7 were measured). A total of 63 Police Officers died in the attack (IUPA, 2001). They may have been carrying pistols equipped with tritium night sights. In fact, many guns have been recovered from the debris (WPVI, 2001; Gardiner and Hurtado, 2001; Koppel, 2002), some of them in good condition. It would take only 20 weapons destroyed to obtain approximately 1 Ci of tritium (Section 4).”

The reports concludes;

“34{.3} Ci of tritium were released from the two Boeing 767 on impact with the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center. The limited measurements and modeling are consistent with an instantaneous (catastrophic) creation of HTO from the aircraft emergency signs, deposition of a small fraction of it at ground zero and water-flow controlled removal from the site. The modeling suggests that the contribution from the aircraft would imply the HTO deposition fraction of [3]%, a value which is judged somewhat too high. Therefore, the source term from the airplanes alone is insufficient to explain the measurements and modeling.

Several weapons were present and destroyed at [the]WTC. The modeling is also consistent with the second tritium source from the weapon sights (plus possibly tritium watches) where tritium was slowly released from the debris in the lingering fires, followed by an oxidation and removal with the water flow. Such a limiting case would require a minimum of 115 weapons and a quantitative capturing of tritium. Therefore, such a mechanism alone [seems in]sufficient, which indicates that the weapon/watch source complemented the airplane source.

So, this radioactive material can be accounted for without relying on mini-nukes, specifically, by Exit signs in the airplanes, and night sights on weapons that were present at the WTC.

The Draft Bill also notes that “massive amounts of strontium and barium were found in the dust” from the WTC. This is interesting information, but only suggestive of nuclear detonation ifradioactive isotopes were detected.

The peak samples of strontium and barium which have spurred on mini-nuke enthusiasts are listed in this group of Chemistry Tables provided by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS);

However, mini-nuke enthusiasts do not reference the context of the Chemistry Tables, listed in the World Trade Center USGS Integration of Results and Conclusions;

“The results of analyses completed so far show a consistent picture: the samples are largely composed of gypsum, cellulose, and miscellaneous materials common in a building, with minor asbestiform minerals.”

The dust is largely gypsum. There was a large quantity of gypsum wallboard used in the construction of the WTC. It seems pretty obvious that the wallboard was pulverized during the destruction of the buildings.

When gypsum is pulverized, strontium is one of the elements left in its wake. Specifically, Sr 86, Sr 87 and Sr 88 can be detected. (For an example of this phenomenon, see “Sulfur and strontium isotope study of some gypsum samples from southern Taiwan”)

Since the USGS is so specific about gypsum as a primary component of the dust, it’s very likely that the strontium they identified was stable, not radioactive like Sr 90. Anyhow, the onus is on the proponents of mini-nukes to prove that radioactive Strontium or Barium was found in the WTC dust before their hypothesis is taken seriously by anyone, let alone a Congressional investigation. (Stable Barium is a standard element used in Cathode Ray Television screens. Something tells me that there were probably a lot of gargantuan CRTs in the WTC in 2001, before flat-panel screens became standard issue. This surely accounts for some Barium in the WTC dust.)

And, as Ryan, Gourley and Jones note in their paper at “The Environmentalist”;

“The presence of energetic materials, specifically energetic nanocomposites, at GZ, has the potential to explain much of the unusual environmental data seen at the WTC. Thermite, discussed briefly above, is such a pyrotechnic mixture that cannot be easily extinguished and is a common component of energetic nanocomposites. Unusually high detections of sulfur, silicon, aluminum, copper, nickel, iron, barium, and vanadium might all be explained by physical release of materials from such energetic nanocomposites.”

So, like the inclusion of DEW ideas, the inclusion of the very shaky mini-nuke hypothesis, with Bill Deagle as the poster-boy for the concept, was a tragic error on the part of the authors of the recent Draft Bill.

 * A glitch in the DVD provided to me from Soul Tree did not allow me to present the entire continuous discussion from one video feed; the last two parts of the YouTube are from my video stock, but the entire discussion is present, unedited. My single-camera low-fi version was uploaded last year to


** Peter Dale Scott’s really bad experience(s) with Jack Terrell are a valuable reference here. Terrell won Scott’s confidence, and then proceeded to implicate him in an operation that Scott would never have supported. The details are related in Scott’s poem;

*** Real ID faces real opposition, but dropping it into the mix to prove that a false flag attack is on the horizon, without providing any context whatsoever, and referring to it as “tracker ID” is pretty useless. The ACLU and others have set up sites that examine the Real ID Act in detail:

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