Obama’s Change.gov & 9/11 investigation – Vote!

Obama’s taking your questions; vote for 9/11 investigation (and other issues) at Change.gov.

Here’s mine:

Erik– “Please order the FBI, CIA, Pentagon, FAA, Secret Service, NSA and all other involved federal agencies to fully comply with the 9/11 Commission’s mandate to declassify and release its records in 2009. http://www.archives.gov/research/9-11-commission/ 

I searched 9/11 and went thru the list; here’s some of the better ones getting the most votes: 

Dione– “”Will the many crimes committed by the outgoing administration, including the torture and rendition of detainees, the illegal war on Iraq; 9/11 conspiracy, stolen elections and likely recent murder of Rove’s IT Guru, Mike Connell, be investigated?”” 

Politicalboi– “Will there be a full independent investigation of 9/11.” 

RPDX– “With your administration’s new “transparency” policy, why not declassify all the documents pertaining to controversial debates such as the events at Roswell, the JFK assassination, and the 9/11 attacks?” 

staytrue– “NY Post, 9/13/01 “Beyond Pearl Harbor” – Rob D. Novak Security experts and airline offic’ls agree privately that the simultaneous hijacking of 4 jetliners was an “inside job,” probably indicating complicity beyond malfeasance. Will Obama review 9/11?” 

(see here for background, links on Novak: http://www.911blogger.com/node/18934 )

Jim Lunsford– “Will we have a free and independent public investigation of the 9/11 attacks?”

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