Heroes and Waterloo: 3 recent articles by Col. Jenny Sparks

3 recent articles by Col. Jenny Sparks: 


Heroes: The Metaphor and Evolution in 911 Activism Part 1: http://coljennysparks.blogspot.com/2009/01/heroes-metaphor-and-evolution-in-911.html  Excerpt:


“It’s our heroic journey. You don’t have to have superpowers to be a hero.” ~Hiro 


“The premise of the TV series Heroes is people who discover they have special powers hunted by those who want to control them before they do something radical—like save the world. Needless to say I found metaphors…” 


Heroes: Evolution through Disruption- Part 2: http://coljennysparks.blogspot.com/2009/01/heroes-evolution-through-disruption.html  Excerpt:


“Evolution is an imperfect and often violent process. A battle between what exists and what is yet to be born. In the midst of these birth pains, morality loses its meaning. The question of good and evil reduced to one simple choice: survive or perish.”~ Mohinder 


“While I like the “Heroes” character, Mohinder’s overwrought narration can be as painful as his naivety. Evolution is very simple: adaptations to change. The more change, the more adaptations. The more extreme the change, the lesser chance of survival in the pool, but for those who do survive, they will be extremely vigorous and resilient. 


This is the silver lining of disruption. Its a predictable result but, nonetheless, unexpected by those who sowed it: by the very action of deliberate disruption a new species of activist emerges, with new powers, adapted to the harsh environment. They will not be easily removed. The forces that created them, guarantee they will be immune to more of the same. This new breed will see through the manipulations, be able to predict new forces and extrapolate how to further adapt.” 



Lying with dogs at Waterloo: http://coljennysparks.blogspot.com/2009/02/lying-with-dogs-at-waterloo.html  Excerpt:


“Most people know the phrase “If you lie down with dogs, you will get up with fleas.” But few of the people lying with dogs think about the consequences. Instead they make excuses. 


“Nico has good information.”

“I’ve never met Jennifer W in my life!”

“I’ve been really sick and haven’t had a chance to follow all this.” 


I’ll summarize the situation for those who honestly aren’t caught up: 


Activism in 911truth has been harried by a group of people who all claim to be different parties but share the same goal: to derail and disrupt any honest research or outreach. They do this by muddling the waters, spreading lies, dishonest arguments, infiltrating events with wooly thinking rubbish(shape shifting reptiles, etc), and when all that fails, they stalk and harass people who have been the most effective at disrupting and exposing these tactics. 

The most outrageous example of this stalking came after Webster Tarpley’s Kennebunkport Warning was used as an excuse to viciously attack Cindy Sheehan and her colleagues. Literally dozens of psycho videos under the tags of wq2rx attacked 911activists claiming to expose them as Al qaida terrorists. The making of these videos has been traced to Killtown’s associates Webfairy, Spiney, Fred and Ozzy bin Oswald. In the case of the last three, the videos often include a healthy dose of pornographic imagery.”


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