A Message From 9/11 First Responder John Feal – CALL YOUR REPS!!!

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Responders, volunteers, friends & supporters:

3 weeks ago we witnessed the most significant progress in almost 8 years of neglect and denial. On March 31st we traveled to D.C. for the first of 2 hearings on our bill HR847 the James Zadroga Health & Compensation Act. Our presence was felt and this important piece of legislation now has momentum, more so then ever. This Wednesday on April 22nd we travel back to D.C. to show our nations leaders we will continue to be a presence until we achieve our common goal. And that is the passage of HR847. I am optimistic that this bill will pass through the house and I am confident Sen. Chuck Schumer will introduce this bill in the senate very shortly. Is this bill a ten on the 1-10 scale? Absolutely not, but this bill in my mind is an 8 with room for improvement, and this bill will provide health care and compensation for thousands of brave souls and innocent victims of 9/11 who suffer from it’s horrific aftermath. After dozens of meetings, conference calls & hundreds of letters and emails, I am confident we are close, and I am confident that the NY Delegation is fighting for us tooth & nail. As a 9/11 responder horribly injured at Ground Zero, I am proud of my service to this country. But I am even more proud to know I served a fraternity of heroes and great Americans like all of you. Our work is far from done, and we must stand united as one for us to finish our journey. A journey in which we have seen so many good men & woman loose their battle to 9/11 illnesses. But a journey where so many of you have become heroes twice for your resolve & testament to fight and survive. I salute all uniform & non-uniform workers, because your actions should be embraced and emulated by all who suffer from history and governmental neglect. God bless you all & god bless America.

John Feal
Founder & President of the FealGood Foundation
Injured 9/11 Responder
Kidney Donor
Above And Beyond Citizen Honors recipient from the Congressional Medal of Honor Society

You can find your Rep here.

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