Those 9/11 Commission Minders Again by Kevin Fenton

Kevin Fenton blogs on a memo detailing additional strange behavior of Commission ‘minders’ on a trip to Canada; again, the minders are acting as particpants, answering questions for witnesses, taking verbatim notes. Memo also notes that a minder had an opportunity to “poison the well” with a witness, as she had dinner with the witness the night before. 

Full article:

New details have emerged about minders who sat in on 9/11 Commission interviews during a fact-finding trip to Canada. Commission heads Tom Kean and Lee Hamilton mentioned the minders generally in interviews during the panel’s lifetime, but a memo recently found in the National Archives and blogged here a couple of weeks ago showed how prevalent they were. 

Another document, again found by History Commons contributor paxvector, provides more details of how the minders worked during a trip to Canada. The commission, which eventually recommended taking part of the CIA director’s responsibilities away and giving them to a Director of National Intelligence, was considering changes to the intelligence community and sent a team to Canada to examine how its intelligence services were organised and report back.

The three-page memo, entitled “Canada Trip Lessons Learned” and apparently drafted by staffer Gordon Lederman in the autumn of 2003, highlights how the minders behaved.

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