Putting Beck & Corn’s Von Brunn-9/11 Truth Smears in Perspective

Some articles that put in perspective the recent despicable murder at the Holocaust Museum by racist, right-wing, neo-nazi white supremacist James Von Brunn, and the subsequent efforts by Glenn Beck and David Corn to smear those who press for Truth and Justice regarding 9/11; the 9/11 Truth Movement is non-violent and it is NOT anti-semitic: 

Glenn Beck And Others Are Lying About The 9/11 Truth Movement – Jon Gold 

What the Murders of Dr. Tiller and Holocaust Museum Guard Really Mean – George Washington 

The REAL Holocaust Deniers Are Those Who Accept the Government’s Version of 9/11 – George Washington 

Irrefutable Proof that Holocaust Museum Shooter Wasn’t One of DHS’s “Right-Wing Extremists” – Blue Texan 

Glenn Beck and Daily Kos Attempt to Tie Holocaust Shooting White Supremacist to Freedom Movement – Allison Bricker 

David Corn and Mother Jones jump on the Von Brunn 9/11 bandwagon – LeftWright 

The practice of equating those of us who are demanding answers and accountability for 9/11 by equating us with Holocaust deniers, and by claiming the Truth Movement is anti-semitic, has long been a smear tactic employed by corporate media shills and others: 

CNN: Shackling 9/11 Truth With Anti-Semitism

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