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Coleen Rowley and Bill Doyle Endorse NYC CAN Ballot Referendum

On Wednesday, July 15, FBI Whisteblower and Time Person of the Year 2002 Coleen Rowley, and Bill Doyle, father of Joseph Doyle, released statements in support of the NYC Coalition for Accountability Now (NYC CAN) and its effort to place a referendum on the November ballot for an independent NYC commission to investigate the events of September 11, 2001.

How the FBI and 9/11 Commission Suppressed Key Evidence about Hani Hanjour, alleged hijack pilot of AAL 77 by Mark Gaffney

According to most of the flight instructors he worked with, Hani Hanjour was a terrible pilot. Even so, he was “certified in April 1999 as an “Airplane Multi-Engine Land/Commercial Pilot” by Daryl Strong”, an FAA “designated pilot examiner”, and flight instructor “Eddie Shalev, who certified Hanjour to rent a Cessna 172 from Congressional Air Charters just three days after Marcel Bernard, the chief instructor at Freeway, refused to rent Hanjour the very same plane.” According to a 9/11 Commission staff ‘Memoranda for the Record’, Eddy Shalev is an Israeli national and “served in the Israeli Defense Forces”.

About those after-action reports from 9/11… by Mark Gaffney

Despite it being a standard procedure, no NORAD ‘after-action reports’ were created after 9/11- after the worst attack on U.S. soil since Pearl Harbor, the worst attack on the mainland since the War of 1812- and the most incredible failure of air defense in all of NORAD’s history. Not a single ‘after-action report’; just reports about ‘lessons learned’.

Decoding Scheuer’s Call for Osama to Kill More Americans – Corbett Report

“CIA analyst Michael Scheuer’s recent call for bin Laden to kill more Americans would be shocking if we hadn’t already heard it dozens of times before from other “War on Terror” advocates. “It’s an absurd situation,”Scheuer told FOX News personality Glenn Beck on his program last week. “Only Osama can execute an attack that will force Americans to demand that their government protect them effectively, consistently, and with as much violence as necessary.”

Beck and Scheuer: Bin Laden Attack Needed for the Good of the Country

July 1, Glenn Beck hosted Michael Scheuer, former head of the ‘Alec Station’ Bin Laden unit. Scheuer claims “The only chance we have as a country right now is for Osama Bin Laden to deploy and detonate a major weapon in the United States.” while Beck nods approvingly.

June 10, 2009, Beck smeared the entire 9/11 Truth Movement by falsely claiming that the despicable racist Holocaust Museum shooter Von Brunn is a hero of ‘9/11 Truthers’, and that Truthers are “like Al Qaeda! They’d like to destroy us, and they will work with anyone. There are also people like white supremacists or 9/11 truthers that would also like to destroy the country. They’ll work with anybody they can.”

The 9/11 Truth Movement is working to establish Truth and Justice- we are demanding answers and accountability and the movement as a whole is non-violent.

If Beck agrees with Scheuer, it would seem that he himself is an advocate of violence and destruction as a political tactic, i.e. terrorism.

Questions for Miles Kara on NORAD (and Other) Exercises by Erik Larson

June 2009, 9/11 Commission Team 8 staff member Miles Kara launched a blog- 9/11 Revisited- and has been taking questions from the public, as well posting articles expanding on the 9/11 Commission’s work. In this open letter to Miles Kara I pose a set of questions that have been raised in various forms since 9/11, and since the release of the 9/11 Commission Report. In addition, there are new questions based on 9/11 Commission records released to the National Archives, January 2009. Hopefully, Miles Kara will fill in the details.