It was business as usual at the 9/11 Commission

“It was a beautiful spring day,” 9/11 Commission Executive Director thought worthy of remark on April 29, 2004, as he took notes to further the cover up of the September 11 attacks. He had been appointed ED to exploit “catastrophic terrorism” and the mass murder of 2977 people to create another of his “public myths” [PDF] in service to US global hegemony. Unprosecuted Vietnam war criminal Henry Kissinger had resigned, rather than disclose his Bin Ladin family clientele.

Decorated Vietnam vet Senator Max Cleland had also resigned, saying the Bush administration wanted to “cover it up”and the Bush-Cheney obstruction of the 9/11 Commission “should be a national scandal”.

Reading the MFR opening, I was reminded of the lyric from Biko, Peter Gabriel’s song for cop-murdered South African civil rights activist Steve Biko:

September ‘77
Port Elizabeth, weather fine. 
It was business as usual 
In police room 619

Biko by Peter Gabriel
Voorbije tijden: Bush en Cheney tijdens de campagne in 2000. Foto AP

The Truth & Reconciliation Commission of South Africa may be a model for the USA to resolve the socio-political and economic corruption furthered by 9/11 and those most responsible, which includes the 9/11 Commission and its cover up, as well as us Americans, who’ve essentially tolerated the cover up by continuing to go about our business as usual, consuming junk food/media, and voting for Establishment politicians.

For the 9/11 Commission, President Bush and Dark President Cheney had agreed to be interviewed — on the condition that they be together; privately and in the Oval Office; not under Oath or recorded; and with notes subject to confiscation, review and censorship prior to return.

April 4, the Family Steering Committee urged Bush-Cheney and the Commission to reconsider their decision to testify together and without Oath or recording, given the obvious appearance of conflicts of interest, but to no avail. In addition, the FSC’s questions, which Jamie Gorelick had promised would be the roadmap for the Commission, were largely ignored.

See this Jon Gold video of C-Span viewer reactions to Bush-Cheney being interviewed together, with clips of George W. Bush after the 9/11 Commission interview, ducking questions while saying how much he “enjoyed” meeting with the Commissioners.

You can blow out a candle
But you can’t blow out a fire
Once the flames begin to catch
The wind will blow it higher  

Biko by Peter Gabriel

The Zelikow MFR for the 9/11 Commission interview of Bush-Cheney is available for download at the National Archives: Commission Meeting with the President and Vice President ofthe United States 29 April 2004, 9:25–12:40[PDF]

I’ll have more to say about this.

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