“The First Draft of History and the Truth”

Jamie Gorelick, 9/11 Commission Cover Up

9/11 Commission member Jamie Gorelick, at a PIDB public meeting May 18, 2021 concerning the importance of public disclosure of government records re 9/11 and generally, said the following:

The third is a little more of a global question, which is whether there are lessons to be learned about the differences between the first draft of history and the truth.

And you might want to study the story that was first told to us about the plane that was heading for the capital, United 93. And how the Air Force said it was tracking the plane and was prepared to shoot it down, had the Capitol been threatened, and NORAD testified that it was ready to intercept American 77 and united 93.

Both statements turned out to be wrong. Whether they were intentionally false is a whole other question. But the people who gave us those stories had ample opportunity to gather the facts. It wasn’t like they were talking to us, just off the top of their heads, and yet, the presentation of organizations as really on top of things turned out to be wrong.

https://youtu.be/soGk6_97aH8?t=1654 27:34

The 9/11 Commission Report glosses over the issue of the false statements that were made by military personnel, even though the 9/11 Commission was required by law to do a full investigation of the 9/11 attacks, including, per Section 602 of Public Law 107–306, 107th Congress:

The purposes of the Commission are to--
(1) examine and report upon the facts and causes relating to
the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, occurring at the
World Trade Center in New York, New York, in Somerset County,
Pennsylvania, and at the Pentagon in Virginia;
(2) ascertain, evaluate, and report on the evidence
developed by all relevant governmental agencies regarding the
facts and circumstances surrounding the attacks;
(3) build upon the investigations of other entities, and
avoid unnecessary duplication, by reviewing the findings,
conclusions, and recommendations of--
(A) the Joint Inquiry of the Select Committee on
Intelligence of the Senate and the Permanent Select
Committee on Intelligence of the House of
Representatives regarding the terrorist attacks of
September 11, 2001, (hereinafter in this title referred
to as the ``Joint Inquiry''); and
(B) other executive branch, congressional, or
independent commission investigations into the terrorist
attacks of September 11, 2001, other terrorist attacks,
and terrorism generally;
(4) make a full and complete accounting of the circumstances
surrounding the attacks, and the extent of the United States'
preparedness for, and immediate response to, the attacks; and
(5) investigate and report to the President and Congress on
its findings, conclusions, and recommendations for corrective
measures that can be taken to prevent acts of terrorism.

There were repeated calls by Republicans as well as objective people for Gorelick to resign from the 9/11 Commssion due to her creating the 1995 ‘Wall Memo’ between counter-terrorism and law enforcement investigations, but these calls were rebuffed by her fellow Commissioners, whose careers, finances, politics and personal relationships were also riddled with unacceptable conflicts of interest.

Prior to the Commission, Gorelick was Vice Chair at Fannie Mae from 1997–2003, earning millions while Fannie Mae ending up paying 400 million in fines. Since the Commission, Gorelick has gone on to advise Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump.

9/11 Commission Executive Director and cover up architect Philip Zelikow personally intervened in the potential criminal referral to DOJ over false statements made to the Commission by military personnel, and was caught lying about this to Phil Shenon by History Commons contributor and author Kevin Fenton. Zelikow cared enough about his reputation online to respond, making himself look worse.

2006 New York Times/CBS public opinion poll found that only 16% of Americans believed the Bush Administration was telling the truth about 9/11. This was two years after the release of the 9/11 Commission Report.

Since then, additional disclosures have further undermined the credibility of the 9/11 Commission and their conclusions, but Americans have kept supporting the same kind of business leaders and Establishment Democrats and Republicans that covered up 9/11. Even as, going on two decades later, the cover uppers glibly release to the public the very records that tell on them, such as the Nov 9 release of the Zelikow MFR of the April 29, 2004 ‘interview’ of Bush-Cheney by the 9/11 Commission.

Zelikow knew what he was doing, which is why he was chosen to create the ‘public myth’ of 9/11, i.e. that the dots couldn’t be connected, that Bin Ladin and Al Qaeda were solely responsible for 9/11, that the permanent War on Terror with mass domestic warrantless spying and ultra-billions for the military & intelligence communities is ‘THE ONLY WAY’, and anyone who questions this is ‘with the enemies.’

More soon on the Bush-Cheney Zelikow MFR.

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