Sort the media by relevance: MSM response to Zelikow MFR re 9/11 Commission Bush-Cheney interview classic example of spin for social control

Sort the media by relevance: MSM response to Zelikow MFR re 9/11 Commission Bush-Cheney interview is a classic example of spin for social control

The New York Times did not acknowledge the recent release of a rough transcript the 9/11 Commission’s 2004 interview of Bush-Cheney [PDF] from going on 20 years ago, but two days BEFORE that April 29, 2004 meeting, the NYTimes reported there would be no recording of it. The fact of President Bush and VP Cheney testifying together, not under Oath but in the Oval Office, had already been the subject of public criticism, including by the 9/11 Commission Family Steering Committee, as well as jokes about Bush being Cheney’s puppet.

News of the release of this historic record — the ONLY record of the Bush-Cheney interview, with the exception of Commissioner notes — was broken with a pre-Nov 9 leak to the Wall Street Journal. September 11 was called the ‘worst attack on the US since Pearl Harbor’, and a massive intelligence ‘failure’. It was immediately exploited by the Bush Administration and the upper class Establishment for war and mil/intel budget increases.

Mainstream media, including the Washington Post, reported on the WSJ article, the first draft of which incorrectly reported that the MFR had not already been released, that morning. The Journal presented the 9/11 Commission interview, and the Bush-Cheney answers, without context, as if they were credible at face value, and ABC did the same superficial job in their own reporting.

The only media so far that have done a serious reporting and analysis of the MFR are Jeremy Scahill at the Intercept, and Dan Christensen at the Florida Bulldog, and 9/11 truth and justice activist Jon Gold.

It’s said, ‘Americans don’t read,’ but Americans who read the Intercept and Bulldog articles will be better informed of what went on in the meeting than from the MSM spin.

Among many other relevant points, Christensen highlights the part of the MFR that says Bush told the Commissioners that he “didn’t see much point in assigning personal blame for 9/11.”

Two Americans who were personally and deeply affected by the 9/11 attacks, and who did read the Zelikow Bush-Cheney MFR [PDF] for themselves, were quoted by Christensen:

9/11 victim family member Kristen Breitweiser, on Bush’s comment about avoiding responsibility for 9/11: “It would have been pure outrage … We felt that in the face of nearly 3,000 dead bodies in lower Manhattan that people would have been held accountable.”

9/11 attack survivor Sharon Premoli: “This document makes my blood boil … That our lives were in the hands of these incompetents is chilling and [explains] why 3,000 were murdered, 6,000 injured.”

On a plain reading of the Zelkow Bush-Cheney MFR [PDF], it’s obvious that 1) known liars Bush-Cheney were being incredibly obtuse, and 2) ALL of the Commissioners were excusing this while seeking answers they could use to sell the story Zelikow and the Commission wanted to tell: The Philip Zelikow-Ernest May outline written before the 9/11 investigation that later became the table of contents for the 9/11 Commission Final Report; the public myth [PDF] of 9/11to sell the War on Terror for military/intelligence budgets, oil and Full Spectrum Dominance.

More coming on the MFR contents and context. Below are screenshots of the Google News and Web results for coverage of the MFR.

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