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Questions for Miles Kara on NORAD (and Other) Exercises by Erik Larson

June 2009, 9/11 Commission Team 8 staff member Miles Kara launched a blog- 9/11 Revisited- and has been taking questions from the public, as well posting articles expanding on the 9/11 Commission’s work. In this open letter to Miles Kara I pose a set of questions that have been raised in various forms since 9/11, and since the release of the 9/11 Commission Report. In addition, there are new questions based on 9/11 Commission records released to the National Archives, January 2009. Hopefully, Miles Kara will fill in the details.

Those 9/11 Commission Minders Again by Kevin Fenton

Kevin Fenton blogs on a memo detailing additional strange behavior of Commission ‘minders’ on a trip to Canada; again, the minders are acting as particpants, answering questions for witnesses, taking verbatim notes. Memo also notes that a minder had an opportunity to “poison the well” with a witness, as she had dinner with the witness the night before.

9/11 Commission Documents Masterlist « History Commons Groups

This post is a masterlist for the various 9/11 Commission documents the History Commons is uploading, reading and analysing. The documents were obtained from the National Archives by the History Commons contributor paxvector and posted at the History Commons site at Scribd. I am going through them gradually, to find any interesting pieces of information […]