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Change.NOT: Left Gatekeeper Blocks Support for 9/11 Commission Records Release

According to their “About” page, Change.org aims to be “the central platform informing and empowering movements for social change around the most important issues of our time”, but they are censoring support for investigating the causes of 9/11, “the day the changed everything” and the reason we live in a “post 9/11 world.” On their “Ideas” page, they invite you, the public, to sign up on their site and “submit your ideas for how to change America, discuss with others, and vote for your favorites.” What they don’t tell you on their About or Ideas pages, is that if your idea suggests further investigation of the 9/11 events in order to properly inform public policy making, it will be deleted.

God Bless Barack Obama

Does this qualify for a visit from the Secret Service? I just sent the following to change.gov, although i suppose if the corporate criminal class that controls the media and the Republocrats and has been running the 9/11 coverup for 7 years can do anything right they’ll have better control of Obama’s security than Bush’s on 9/11.