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Those 9/11 Commission Minders Again by Kevin Fenton

Kevin Fenton blogs on a memo detailing additional strange behavior of Commission ‘minders’ on a trip to Canada; again, the minders are acting as particpants, answering questions for witnesses, taking verbatim notes. Memo also notes that a minder had an opportunity to “poison the well” with a witness, as she had dinner with the witness the night before.


Newly Released Memo: Government ‘Minders’ at 9/11 Commission Interviews ‘Intimidated’ Witnesses – Kevin Fenton

9/11 Commission Memo entitled “Executive Branch Minders’ Intimidation of Witnesses,” complains that:

* Minders “answer[ed] questions directed at witnesses;”

* Minders acted as “monitors, reporting to their respective agencies on Commission staffs lines of inquiry and witnesses’ verbatim responses.” The staff thought this “conveys to witnesses that their superiors will review their statements and may engage in retribution;” and

* Minders “positioned themselves physically and have conducted themselves in a manner that we believe intimidates witnesses from giving full and candid responses to our questions.”